#TeamOulartleigh is a young and innovative team of international riders. Together we source out the horse you'll be happy with! Our motto is progress rather than perfection, through our years of expertise we specialized in finding great horses in places that no one else expected and turning them into future stars.

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About Oulartleigh Equestrian

The core idea of Team Oulartleigh is progress rather than perfection and together we are achieving our goals, facing our fears and enjoying the time with our horses. 

Oulartleigh Equestrian was found in 2014. It is an equestrian centre in the south-east of Ireland and is open to everyone that wants to learn how to ride and how to take care of horses. 

We don't only train people but horses too! Every month, new horses come to us to be trained according to their special talents. If you are interested in them, you can contact us here.

Not winning but my passionate love for horses and people created the energy needed that got Oulartleigh Equestrian to the next level. 


~Sandra Borssim, CEO

Our top level horses:

While all of our horses are never to be forgotten, some of them just stood out to us - with their talent, their looks or their attitude. 

If any of these horses got your attention, chances are high that you will find the horse of your dreams in one of our trade yards in Germany. For more information feel free to contact us

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Glenbrien, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford, Ireland 

Tel: +353 87 940 1237

E-Mail: oulequestrian@gmail.com

© 2019 by Oulartleigh Equestrian. 

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